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Boat Hire Liverpool

You can simply turn up to hire a boat what we call pay and play there is no need to book in advance if we have craft available you can take out a sit on kayak,stand up paddle board,canoe or sail boat if you have the skills and experience or you can go on the aqua park and water trampoline if we have space. The sit on kayaks are user friendly and ideal for beginners especially families who would like to try it out. Just bring a towel,old spare trainers,shorts and a T shirt,you can hire a wetsuit if you wish we will provide you with a spray top and buoyancy aid and give you a safety brief then you can go and have fun with your friends. All Children must be accompanied by a competent responsible adult on the water for pay and play For more information visit the site here


Leasowe Road, Moreton CH46 3RF


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