Wake boarding - Leasowe Castle

Wake boarding

One of the objectives is too create a flagship wake park for both the British Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (BWSW) and Industry Wake Parks. Liverpool Wake Park is being setup and run by Industry Wake Parks (IWP), who distribute the System 2.0 cable tow in the UK and have more experience than anyone in running wake parks. IWP have worked with the BWSW to develop wake park operating guidelines and operating licenses. The managing director and head of training at Liverpool Wake Park are also trainers and assessors for the BWSW System 2.0 Operators License. With our strong involvement in the sport, this wake park needs to be a flagship wake park upon which all others should be based, and the leader in terms of customer satisfaction, training, obstacle setup and events.   For more information visit the site here


Leasowe Road, Moreton CH46 3RF


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